If you want to fill your home or office with furniture you can’t find anywhere, then you need to stop by Long Valley Traders in Winchester, VA. We have luxury furniture from several generations that you can browse through. The furniture you’ll find here has been expertly crafted with the skill and detail of artisans from ages passed.

By searching through estate sales, we have collected an inventory of finely crafted furniture from the experts of yesterday. You simply cannot find anyone creating the high-end furniture we carry today. Your search through our selection may be a bit more work, but the rare items you find along your journey will be worth it.

Historic Antiques

When you browse through our store, you are taking a trip through history. Every item has character and a story to tell. We carry furniture from virtually any era, and our pieces are handcrafted with intricate detail and fine craftsmanship. One of our antique dressers or chairs could be the perfect addition to your interior design.  

If you want furniture that is more than just functional, our vintage items will add personality and beauty to any space. You will own a piece of history that simply cannot be replicated. To see what we mean for yourself, check out our Inventory page, or stop by our store.

Unique Pieces

Aside from antique and luxury furniture, we carry an indescribable collection of other items you can add to your house. While strolling through our shop, you could find books, fine art, rugs, glassware, chandeliers, and more. Many of our items are made by hand by expert artisans, so stop by and see where the journey takes you.

Call us at (571) 334-0781 or come to our store if you want to learn more about our collection or have a question about a specific piece.