Shipping Policy

Order with confidence and have items delivered to your door.

All of our furnishings and home decor can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

Shipping is provided by 3rd party transportation vendors who assume liability, care and control of furnishings once they leave our store.

Prices and fees for shipping are quoted on an item-by-item basis – or for packaged shipments for full furniture sets. Shipping costs and expenses are above and beyond the sale price of our furnishings and decor. We do not offer “free shipping”.

Crating, shipping and transportation can be expensive, and can add considerable costs to our store items when making purchases. It is best to purchase in bulk and have all items transported by the same carrier. Please take these costs into consideration when inquiring about shipping totals and total costs for online purchases.

We are happy to take care of shipping and transportation arrangements for our customers. We have delivered many great items from coast to coast over the years – and are happy to provide this service for you.